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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Menu for 2/25/13-3/3/13

After an insanely busy week I finally got a full night of sleep for the first night in about five days.  Aaron got Bailey up and fed her breakfast this morning and let me stay in bed.  It was absolutely wonderful!

I mismanaged my time yesterday and ended up running extremely late for a party my friend was throwing.  I was frantically trying to get dinner ready so Aaron could take it up to his parents.  It took all day to get everything ready to go.  I ended up leaving a huge mess in the kitchen which I refused to clean up before bed.  Then this morning when I finally dragged my hind end out of bed I had to spend half an hour on dishes before I could make breakfast.  I know better than to go to bed without cleaning the kitchen, but I was so tired by the time we got home last night that I just couldn't make myself do it.

This week our meals should be a little less stressful for me.  I don't have any complicated desserts planned, I only have to make bread once this week, and I get to use the crock pot twice.  No new recipes for me this week either.  I kept it simple and crammed some of Aaron's favorite meals into the last week of the month.

Breakfast- oatmeal with bananas and nutella
Lunch- chicken salad and frozen mixed vegetables
Dinner- Parmesan crusted chicken with garlic butter pasta and green beans

Breakfast- yogurt and cereal
Lunch- Nana will provide lunch
Dinner- Yaya will provide dinner

Breakfast- French toast muffins
Lunch- grilled cheese sandwiches
Dinner- hamburgers with french fries and macaroni and cheese

Breakfast- cereal with bananas
Lunch- pasta salad and honey yeast rolls
Dinner- barbecue chicken sandwiches with french fries and baked beans

Breakfast- French toast
Lunch- chicken pasta Caesar salad
Dinner- chicken taco casserole

Breakfast- bacon, eggs, and biscuits
Lunch- leftover chicken taco casserole
Dinner- crock pot Italian chicken pasta

Breakfast- grilled bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches
Lunch- chicken salad wraps
Dinner- Admiral will provide dinner

Since we are spilling over into March this week, it is time for some grocery shopping.  I try to only go once a month.  I make one trip to Target and one trip to Kroger.  Sometime in the middle of the month I usually end up running to Walmart for something I forgot or something I used up faster than expected.  Sometimes I get sent out for cat food or litter or for a bag of powdered sugar to finish a dessert I'm working on, but I do try to get everything at the beginning of the month.

At least one post this week will be about menu planning and grocery shopping.  I will be sharing tips to help you save money and time at the grocery store, and how to plan your weekly meals.  I personally love the planning part so this is fun for me.

For March I am instituting a new rule.  Thursday night meals, with the exception of the last Thursday of the month, will be new recipe nights.  I am trying to work my way through the mountain of Pinterest posts on my "Dinners" board.  I think I'm currently sitting at somewhere between 250 and 300 pins for dinner ideas.  I will never get to try everything I pinned because Aaron just won't eat some of the recipes, but I plan to attempt anything I think I can convince him to eat.  I wish I could just go through and schedule the meals in the order that they're pinned and try something new every night.  It's probably lucky that I can't do that because trying so many new recipes would be exhausting, but at least I would get to try everything.

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