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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Laundry day again...

How is it that laundry day keeps coming around?  It seems like I have to do laundry every week!  Oh, wait, I do.

It's not that I hate laundry, or that it's a particularly difficult chore.  It's not any more boring than any of my other chores.  I just don't like laundry.

I love clean clothes, the smell of clean laundry, the smell of a clean baby wearing clean pajamas, but the process of doing the laundry is just... frustrating.

First of all, Bailey and the cats are underfoot the whole time.  As soon as I get something folded and set it aside Bailey grabs it and runs off with it.  That's especially true with fitted sheets.  It takes so long to get them folded properly without Aaron's help and then she just disappears with them.  By the time I catch up to her the sheet is spread out across her bedroom floor.  Then she steals the clothes hangers and I have to chase her to get them back so she doesn't fall with them and hurt herself.  Come to think of it, it's not the washing and drying part that I have trouble with.  It's the folding, hanging and putting away.

I guess I should just be happy I have a relatively clean child that doesn't cause me to have mountains of laundry to do every week.  I remember other mothers telling me when I was pregnant about how much laundry I was going to have to do.  I don't know, maybe Bailey has more clothes and bibs and things, or maybe she's just cleaner than most children because I generally only do the two loads each week.

Unfortunately Bailey has been feeling icky today.  She is sniffly and stuffy but no fever.

She was so sleepy tonight she fell asleep in Aaron's lap, which never happens.  Usually if he holds her instead of me she just cries and cries.  Daddy just isn't as comforting as mommy.

On top of that I decided to do a sleep reset on her.  I kept her up all day and didn't let her nap so that I could put her to bed early tonight.  I'm hoping that this will mean she gets up earlier in the morning and takes her naps earlier.  Maybe we will actually get to run our errands at a decent time now, and I'm planning on taking Bailey to see Yaya at work next week so I need her to take her nap earlier.

She went to bed super early tonight without a fight so tomorrow should be an early morning.  I guess that means I should head to bed too.

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