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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Menu for 2/4/13-2/10/13

I'd like to start off with a few pictures.

I am so thankful that Rhada is finally feeling better!  This was Aaron and Rhada having an afternoon nap yesterday before we went to his parents' house for dinner.

We had a few cute moments this week, such as Bailey having a snack with her stuffed animals.

And Bailey trying to teach the big teddy bear how to drive her car.

And Bailey's new dress that my Aunt Sue knitted for her.  The picture is really awful but it was the best of six.  She just wouldn't sit still!

Okay, now that I'm done overloading you with cuteness we'll get to the main event.

Saturday nights we always go to my in-laws' for dinner and I usually do the cooking.  We generally have four adults and a Bailey to feed, but this week we had three extra younguns.  Aaron's niece and nephews were visiting so I had to make more.  Y'all, I wish I had pictures of the giant plate of chicken I made and the huge pot of spaghetti.

I made Chicken Parmesan with spaghetti and marinara sauce, salad, and garlic toast.  It was delicious!  I don't mean to brag, but the food at my house has been pretty amazing this past week.  The chicken taco chili was awesome, the chicken alfredo was scrumptious, the hamburgers were pretty much perfect, and the chicken quesadillas were so good that Aaron ate all of our leftovers at around 1:00 am.  Also, my mom made some really excellent chicken and dumplings Tuesday night, and my dad made turkey, pastrami, and provolone grilled sandwiches to eat while watching the super bowl tonight.  (I have no interest in football, but all of the rest of my family really enjoys it so I tolerate it.)

I'm pretty excited about this coming week as well.  We are trying at least one new recipe this week.  I know that doesn't sound like a big leap, but Aaron is a fan of the familiar.  It's hard to get him to try new things.

So, here's the menu for this week.

Breakfast- yogurt and cereal
Lunch- peanut butter and jelly sushi
Dinner- cheesy taco soup (this is our new recipe)

Breakfast- oatmeal with nutella
Lunch- Nana will provide lunch
Dinner- Yaya will provide dinner

Breakfast- omelets
Lunch- leftover soup
Dinner- pizza baked spaghetti and garlic toast

Breakfast- oatmeal with cranberries
Lunch- leftover spaghetti
Dinner- chicken and broccoli alfredo

Breakfast- yogurt and cereal
Lunch- leftover chicken alfredo
Dinner- beef stew

Breakfast- bacon, eggs, and biscuits
Lunch- leftover beef stew
Dinner- breakfast casserole with biscuits and gravy

Breakfast- bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches
Lunch- chicken salad on toast
Dinner- Admiral will provide dinner

As you can probably tell, I repeat dinners fairly often.  I do try to get a variety in but there is so much that Aaron won't eat or doesn't like.  When I try new recipes I have to be sure that everything else for the week is familiar.  Otherwise we end up making late night trips to McDonald's.

I am so excited about the cheesy taco soup.  I found the recipe on Pinterest and one of my friends tried it last week and said it was yummy!  She said it was quick and simple but still had tons of flavor.

We usually don't use much ground beef.  In fact, I'd say we probably use 2-3 pounds per month.  Actually, we don't eat much red meat at all.  Aaron likes beef stew and hamburgers, I like chili, and we both enjoy spaghetti with meatballs, but besides that we tend toward chicken most nights.

We are especially fond of Italian (in case you hadn't noticed) and Mexican.  I love Asian foods, but since Aaron doesn't like rice I pretty much only have Chinese or Thai food if my brother or my dad take me out.

I'm not really complaining about any of this.  I love the food we eat!  I love cooking the food we eat too!  I love it so much that I want to share it with everyone!

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