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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wishlist Wednesday February 2015

I realized at the start of the new year that I'm way far behind on trying out all of these wishes. I have a stack of post-it notes full of things to try. Some of them might eventually make it to the wish come true list, but now it's time to add a few new wishes to the list. This month I've included a few things that are Valentine's Day themed and also a couple of things I'm hoping to try for Aaron's birthday which is just around the corner.

A Wish for a Happy Birthday:

Dr. Pepper Cupcakes from BS' in the Kitchen

I have seen pins for Dr. Pepper cakes in the past but this is the first one I've seen that included a recipe. I guess the general idea is that you replace the water in the chocolate cake mix with Dr. Pepper, but this also includes a recipe for a Dr. Pepper reduction that you use to make Dr. Pepper buttercream frosting! It sounds a bit complicated (well, lots of ingredients in tiny amounts for all the flavors in Dr. Pepper) but it might just be worth a shot for Aaron. The man can drink more Dr. Pepper than anyone I've ever seen! And while I haven't been too keen on Dr. Pepper ever since I was pregnant with Bailey, I don't think it would bother me in a cake.

Star Wars Cookie/Cupcake Stencils from Stenciland on Etsy

I'm a little late in finding these to use them this year, but how perfect are these little stencils? Aaron loves Star Wars so when I saw these I just knew I had to order them. As I said, they won't arrive before his birthday (probably) but I can have them ready to use for next year, and in the mean time I can use them to sprinkle powdered sugar on some pancakes or something to entertain Bailey. She already knows who Darth Vader is and I'm sure she would crack up at his helmet on a little pancake.

Geeky Nintendo Cakes from Walyou

Such a tough decision between this cake and the 8-bit Link cake. Aaron loves everything that has to do with Nintendo so any of these cakes would be perfect for him. He's especially fond of Mega Man and Legend of Zelda and there are two cakes here that I'd be capable of making.

A Wish for Some Cute Valentine's Day Crafts:

Sweetheart Pops from Inspired Craft Ideas

I know this would probably be one of those horrible Pinterest fails but they look so cute on the tutorial! Bailey would love them if I could figure out how to keep them from failing and they would be so yummy to stir hot chocolate. Unfortunately this is not a craft that Bailey is old enough to help with yet, with the exception of adding the sprinkles.

The Giving Tree from Wine and Glue

Oh, can I please have one of these? Bailey hasn't quite learned to use glue yet, but this would be super fun to make with her. We could even use pictures of the family for some of the hearts and it would be totally adorable! This is an easy craft, just a bit of cutting and some gluing and then all you need is a frame. I could hang it on the wall in the living room and we could admire it all the time. Even better, I could give it to Nana or Yaya and they could enjoy it all the time.

Hershey's Kisses Mice from Practically Functional

Awwwwww! Okay, if you have elementary school age kids and they still hand out Valentines these would be so cute for them to hand out with their Valentines. They look easy enough to make and require limited supplies. And who doesn't love animals and chocolate? Kids will especially like the chocolate part.

A Wish for a Valentine's Date Idea:

Date in a Box from Card Store

So this is like a totally genius idea especially for people who don't want to go out on Valentine's Day. There are a few cute ideas, all DIY stuff for at-home dates. Because who says you need to go out to have a good time? This one is a movie date, there's also a fondue night and an at-home spa date. I've actually done something similar in the past. Our first Valentine's Day living together I set up an indoor picnic on the living room floor. I made lasagna, spread out a blanket on the floor, lit some candles (skipped the wine because I was only 20 and they wouldn't let me buy it), and for dessert I set up the crock pot on the floor and melted some chocolate and we dipped strawberries in it! Kind of a make-shift fondue. We wound up eating a whole pint of strawberries.

I had planned on including more than one date idea but they were all variations on the same theme so... moving on...

A Wish for an Amazing Love Note:

How to Write a Love Letter from Romance Stuck

These are such great instructions for writing love letters, and the best part is that there's still time to actually mail them. It's amazing what you are capable of saying in print that you might be too embarrassed to say aloud.

A Wish for a Wildest Dream Gift:

Music Love Heart Ring from Yhtanaff on Etsy

I don't get a lot of jewelry. I don't wear a lot of jewelry for that matter. I mean, I wear my engagement ring and usually earrings but I haven't worn a necklace since Bailey was born and none of my other rings fit anymore. I love music. I was a music major in college. This ring would be perfect for me and if someone would like to contact Aaron and let him know that, I would love that person forever. (Just kidding, kind of.) I guess this one isn't my wildest dream but it's definitely something I would love to have.

Diamond Hoop Earrings from Sundance Catalog

These are my actual wildest dream. See, for Christmas like 15 years ago my grandmother (Dad's mom) gave me a pair of earrings just like these only they were yellow gold. They're tiny little hoops that wear like post earrings with a hinge, just dressy enough to look nice with anything I wear (even pajamas, trust me) without making me look overdressed,  and they're lightweight, sparkly, and were my absolute favorite earrings right up until I lost one of them about a year ago. I was devastated when I realized it was missing. I'm still convinced I probably lost it while sweeping up a cat food spill. There was such a huge pile of kitty chow in the dust pan I didn't notice it and tossed it out with the trash. At least that's what I think happened. My ears haven't felt the same since I stopped wearing them and when I looked into replacing them this is what I found. Now, I'm sure Grandmother probably didn't spend quite this much on the earrings she bought me, but this is what it would cost to replace them if they were still available, and that is why they're my wildest dream.

And that's all for this month folks. Hopefully next month we can get a jump start on some fun Easter stuff!


  1. My favorites are the candy cane cookies and the mice!

    1. I love those mice! The candy cane pops are actually filled with white chocolate. Don't you think they would be great stirrers for hot cocoa?

  2. I may have commented the same thing three times because I couldn't get it to take!