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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Menu for 2/20/15-2/26/15

This has been a really fun week so far. First it sleeted all day Monday and Aaron got to come home from work at noon. Tuesday it looked like a forest of glass outside with everything glazed in ice. Then Wednesday it snowed all day. Granted, a whole day of snow in Tennessee looks more like an inch or so on the ground, but it's still beautiful and exciting and Aaron gets another day off today!

The new clues for the mystery afghans were revealed on Tuesday and I'm super excited about how this crochet afghan is going to look. I'm not a huge fan of granny squares but they've now added a cross to the squares in a contrasting color that makes it look kind of fancy. It's growing on me. The new knitting clue is smaller than the last and goes so quickly that I finished all four pieces in just a couple of hours.
And the food has been exceptional this week. See, I was going to try to follow the menu but I didn't make it to the store before the roads iced over. Don't worry, we had plenty of food, but I've been working from our pantry and freezer all week. It's worked out great! I've finished off a few partial boxes of pasta from the pantry and used up the smoked sausage, ground beef, and about two pounds of chicken from the freezer. I even made Aaron sausage, gravy, and biscuits for breakfast Tuesday.

We did have a couple of little mishaps. First the power went out at about 2:30 in the morning Tuesday. I had just left Bailey's room to lie down with Aaron when the lights flickered a few times and then just died. I felt okay about it because Bailey was snuggled under four warm blankets with a thick comforter under her and we still had a handful of other blankets available.

So I went back into Bailey's room make sure she wouldn't be scared when she woke up and the nightlight wasn't working. I crawled into bed with her and she kind of halfway woke up and said her back hurt. (Normally I don't worry when she says things like that because she has a habit of repeating things she hears us say and things she hears on television. Aaron and I both complain to each other of back pain when we've been working all day and she frequently tells me she's sick after watching the episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood where he has a cold.)

She rolled over so I could rub her back and then proceeded to throw up all over the bed! We had to wash 4 blankets, a comforter, a pillow case, and a pair of pajamas. We wound up staying up with her until 7:00 and adding to our laundry three more pairs of pajamas and every burp cloth and towel I could gather up. When whatever it was finally passed she laid down on the couch between us and slept for a good five hours.

Lucky for us the power came back on around 6:30. Some people in our area went two days or more without power. Aaron and I started the laundry as soon as we had power and made coffee and breakfast. Long, long night but it ended well. When Bailey woke up Tuesday she seemed just fine. She kept her food down all day and hasn't had any problems since.

Breakfast- ham and cheese eggs and toast
Lunch- leftover pizza
Dinner- cheeseburgers and french fries

Breakfast- chicken biscuits
Lunch- leftovers
Dinner- roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, macaroni and cheese, peas, and honey yeast knots

Breakfast- bacon, eggs, and biscuits
Lunch- leftovers
Dinner- Admiral will provide dinner

Breakfast- cereal and milk
Lunch- smoked sausage jambalaya
Dinner- crock pot chicken and barley vegetable stew and honey yeast knots

Breakfast- bagels and cream cheese
Lunch- leftover soup
Dinner- three bean turkey chili

Breakfast- bagels and cream cheese
Lunch- leftover chili
Dinner- pizza baked spaghetti, salad, and garlic toast

Breakfast- scrambled eggs and toast
Lunch- leftover spaghetti
Dinner- Cajun grilled chicken and lazy Alfredo pasta

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