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Thursday, May 8, 2014

It's My Birthday!

It's my birthday!

I was still up at midnight last night and cracked open a Black Cherry Mike's to celebrate. I rarely drink unless I'm celebrating something, but my bestest friend gave me a few of these delicious black cherry flavored "beers" for my Easter gift and I thought now might be a good time to enjoy them.

I couldn't decide what to make for my birthday dinner. Mom cooked me taco spaghetti since Aaron doesn't eat it. I think Dad is going to take me out for Thai food (one of my favorites) and a movie. I was trying to find a meal that had as little work and cleanup as possible, but what I finally settled on was a copycat recipe for Wendy's spicy chicken sandwiches.

As for cake, Mom bought a few chocolate cupcakes at the grocery store. They were very good, but I wanted to test my baking abilities with something elaborate. Last year I went with Butterfinger cupcakes. This year I decided on chocolate covered pretzel peanut butter cupcakes with butterscotch frosting. They look fantastic on Pinterest. It was either these or chocolate dipped strawberry cupcakes which looked equally difficult, but didn't have a boozy butterscotch drizzle on top which I just had to attempt.

I haven't tasted them yet but they look so scrumptious I just can't wait until after dinner tonight. I hope Aaron gets home early tonight.

Bailey is the best daughter in the whole world. This morning when she woke up I said, "It's Mommy's birthday, Bailey." She looked right at me and said, "Mommy gets birthday sugars!" How could any mommy not melt at that?

She has been exceptionally well behaved today. She let me give her a mani/pedi which is rare and even sat quietly in the unairconditioned car while we waited at the drive-thru for the Krystals I was craving today. I would have preferred breakfast sunrisers from Krystal but I never make it out of the house early enough to buy breakfast anywhere.

It's not going to be a loud, raucous party tonight. Just the three of us having a yummy dinner and some spectacular cupcakes and watching Big Bang Theory or Hollywood Game Night, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Everyone enjoy your day!

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