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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My first day off since July

This past Sunday I had an unexpected day off!  It happens so seldom that I hadn't fully prepared for Aaron to take care of Bailey.  I told him to get her a hamburger from McDonald's for lunch because I didn't have anything for him to feed her for lunch.

My fiance is a wonderful man.  He is funny, kind, and supportive, not to mention handsome.  That being said he is not the person you want cleaning your house.

That's not to say he isn't clean because he is, exceptionally clean.  He is simply too much of a perfectionist to clean an entire house.  He is the kind of person who, when sharing cleaning responsibilities, cleans a book shelf in the time it takes you to clean a room.  He cleans a room in the time it takes you to clean the rest of the house.  The way he cleans would be impressive if only the house wasn't getting dirty while he was working on his bookshelf.  Honestly he has the right to be proud of any cleaning he actually accomplishes because his areas are always immaculate when his work is complete; it's just that you can't say, "Sweetie, the house needs to be clean by tonight for company," and then leave him to do it because you'll likely find that when company arrives only your bedroom has been finished.

So for my day off my dad, his girlfriend, and my brother treated me to a movie and dinner at Olive Garden.  Since the excursion was so impulsive (and because I wasn't paying) I didn't get a chance to choose which movie we would see.  We ended up seeing Zero Dark Thirty.  When I finally had a chance to text Aaron as we were getting in the car to go to dinner, I remembered that the ringer on his phone was off because his alarm had annoyed me that morning.  I was away for 6 hours without any contact with them!

As soon as we pulled in my driveway I was headed for the front door, prepared to handle any disaster that might have occurred in my absence, but when I walked in this is what I saw:

Bailey was clean.  The house was still in order.  There wasn't even a single block on her bedroom floor!  Daddy is amazing!  He had put her down for a nap (a feat that only my Nana and I had been capable of in the past) and while she was asleep he swept and mopped the floors and cleaned the kitchen counters.  When she woke up he vacuumed the living room rug, gave her some Cheerios, fixed her a sippy cup, and then before I got home he gave her a bath!

I cannot tell you how proud I am!

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