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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Menu for 12/8/14-12/14/14

Bailey and me with Senator on Christmas morning 2011.

Well I was going to share a couple of cute pictures I took during our day out with Nana on Friday but Bailey has taken off with my phone and won't let me have it back even long enough to transfer them to my computer. So instead I'm going to do a little flashback post.

Christmas Day 2011 at Admiral's house.

We're coming up on Bailey's third Christmas in just a couple of weeks. She's having her Christmas portraits done this week and I can't wait. Something about being the only baby girl in the family so far (well, my family) has inspired absolutely everyone to buy her clothes. My cousin in particular finds some of the cutest little dresses for her.

Bailey and Nana on Christmas Eve 2011.
She even bought her a newborn size Christmas dress, a frilly little red number that included a faux fur lined coat.

Bailey trying to steal Li'l P's present on Christmas Eve 2012.

I'm not a fan of red so the next year I decided to buy Bailey a green dress for Christmas. I looked everywhere. Kohl's, JCPenny, Sears, Target and Walmart, and I even tried Babies 'R' Us but no one had anything remotely like what I was looking for. All of the greens I found were either spring-y greens or more toward teal or turquoise than the Christmas-y evergreen/forest green I was hoping for. I finally settled on this cute grey dress and figured that it would be nice to have something fancy in the closet that she could wear if she needed it.

Christmas Day 2012 at Grandmother and Papaw's house with Aaron.

Then my bestest friend (who has far more style than I ever will and always gifts Bailey the best clothes) found this Osh Kosh dress and gave it to Bailey as a Christmas gift just the weekend before Christmas and we suddenly had an extra!

Getting dressed for Christmas portraits 2013.

Last year Aaron was whining about how he never gets to choose any clothes for Bailey and I suggested that he go out and find her a dress for her Christmas portraits. I wasn't worried like some moms would be. Aaron has an eye for what looks good on Bailey. I wasn't disappointed either. This lacy cream and gold dress looked perfect with the gold ballet flats I found her.

Just trying the dress on for 2014!

So this year I had given up hoping for a green Christmas dress when I found this on clearance at Kohl's! It's exactly what I wanted in 2012 and it looks beautiful on her. I am so excited about her portraits next week now that she has this gorgeous, fur-lined frock!

Enough about Bailey, here's our menu.

Oh! Also, there's gonna be some holiday baking going on in the house this week so hopefully I'll have a few new cookie recipes to share with you soon!

Breakfast- scrambled eggs and sausage
Lunch- leftover baked ziti
Dinner- crock pot ham and white beans and cornbread

Breakfast- cereal and milk
Lunch- leftover ham and white beans
Dinner- brown sugar spiced baked chicken, seasoned rice, and steamed broccoli and carrots

Breakfast- clementines and cereal
Lunch- leftover ham and white beans
Dinner- chili dogs

Breakfast- yogurt and clementines
Lunch- leftover chili dogs
Dinner- crock pot sausage and cheese tortellini soup

Breakfast- scrambled eggs and toast
Lunch- leftover tortellini soup
Dinner- Yaya's spaghetti, salad, and garlic toast

Breakfast- chicken biscuits
Lunch- leftover spaghetti
Dinner- crock pot creamy Italian chicken and pasta, salad, and Hawaiian rolls

Breakfast- strawberry pancakes and bacon
Lunch- leftovers
Dinner- Admiral will provide dinner

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