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Friday, December 26, 2014

Bailey's 4th Christmas

Do you feel neglected? Because I feel like I've been neglecting you. It wasn't intentional, I promise. I've just been so incredibly swamped with Christmas stuff.

I've been crafting and baking and visiting friends and family. Down time has been completely nonexistent.

I managed to fill two dozen little 4 and 8 oz mason jars with sugar scrubs, chicken rub, pork rub, and hot chocolate mix. I made cookies, fudge, divinity, peanut brittle, and chocolate pies.

I had a girls' day out with a friend from way back and we did some last minute Christmas shopping together. We had Christmas Eve celebrations at Nana's and Christmas morning opening gifts at Yaya's and Christmas lunch at Nana's and then dinner at Grandmother and Papaw's house. Poor Bailey has been dragged all over creation the past week and a half but she didn't seem to mind. She really likes when we go shopping as a family because she can walk beside Daddy while I push the shopping cart.

I'm thinking I probably won't be posting any more recipes until the new year but that doesn't mean I won't be posting. I have two top recipe round-ups coming and of course I'll be updating the weekly menu on Sunday night (and I'm sorry I failed to do that last week but it is the first time in almost two years that I've just completely skipped a menu post so I'm sure you can forgive me, right?)

So this was Bailey's 4th Christmas and the first year that she's been interested in more than the pretty lights. She opened her gifts (and everyone else's) and played with her new toys (and everyone else's) and pretty much the only thing she didn't do was eat all the delicious food, except for the divinity which she stole several pieces of... right off the table. She got some really amazing stuff too!

Nana got her a new tricycle that plays music and has tons of buttons and sound effects. I didn't realize she had learned to dance until she pushed a button on it and busted a move. She hops and swings her hips and arms and looks totally adorable. I love it!

Yaya gave her an easel with a dry erase board on one side and a chalk board on the other. It has clips to hold paper in place and baskets full of markers and crayons and dry erase markers and chalk. Senator's girlfriend made a Fox Say themed bag of gifts that included a stuffed fox and a fox shaped coin bank. This morning I had to give her a jar full of coins to put in the bank. She sat at the table for an hour feeding the fox dimes and quarters.

We have a Christmas Eve tradition of playing a card game called golf. It's loads of fun! Bailey sat on Nana's lap for the majority of the game and made faces at Yaya. I think she had as much fun as we did.

Yaya's cousin came to visit for the holidays and he's staying with Yaya so we got to see him Christmas morning. Bailey actually took this picture. She's getting good with that camera.

At lunch on Christmas Day Bailey didn't eat a single bite. Apparently it was taking us too long to eat and she was getting very bored sitting at the table waiting to go play. She looked like a little doll in both of her Christmas dresses.

We just had one or two sad moments this year, the first year without Grandpa. Nana, Yaya, and my aunt got together and had some really special gifts made for each of the grandkids. They found a company online that makes teddy bears and they sent them some of Grandpa's clothes and had them made into bears, one for each of us. Nana gave us a picture of Grandpa wearing the shirt that our bear was made from and a picture of us when we were little with Grandpa.

I recognized the shirt as soon as I saw the bear and teared up. I had to leave the room for a minute. It upset Nana because she came after me and apologized. I think she thought it was a bad gift but I love it. I even slept with it Wednesday night and it's been years since I slept with a stuffed animal.

Overall I'd say this was a spectacular Christmas. I hope everyone is having as great a holiday as we are. Feel free to share your favorite Christmas moments in the comments!

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