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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Menu for 10/6/14-10/12/14

I have had a great week. Among other things I found Bailey's birthday gift, or at least part of it (my friend does amazing things with polymer clay and made her a Tinkerbell charm that we're going to hang in a shadowbox on her wall) and I had one incredibly successful new recipe. Our first box from came in this week and 3/4 of the snacks were absolutely delicious! Bailey devoured the jelly doughnut mix, I finished off the herby bread basket almost as quickly, and the flapjacks which I was unsure about when I saw them were surprisingly delectable. They look like those chewy granola bars but they're not really chewy so much as like a flourless oatmeal cookie held together by honey. I was very impressed. The only snack I didn't care for was the jalapeno fiesta but that's because I'm not fond of spicy peanuts.

Monday night I made an amazing apple pie.
I don't have the kind of skills with pie crust that I have with cake frosting but it didn't look too shabby. When we served it after dinner I felt like it needed something like a little cinnamon sugar sprinkled on the crust but when I ate a second slice the next day I changed my mind. The flavors just needed a bit more time to meld. I plan to share the recipe here as soon as I can get the photographs organized.

Wednesday Bailey had a little sniffle (honestly I think she just had a runny nose from crying) and climbed into Aaron's recliner to snuggle herself under the blankets. She told me she was sick and needed covered up and proceeded to sit there under two fleece blankets watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood for almost an hour, after which she still took a two hour nap!

Friday after we went to the store she stood outside the bedroom in the hallway dancing for me. She kept telling me she was dancing then she would high step for a few seconds and then do a little twist. This photo caught her mid-twist with her foot at a funny angle but she was having so much fun, just look at that smile.

After her bath Friday night we sat in my recliner to brush her hair. It's getting so long and Yaya even had to trim her bangs again this week. She handed me the phone and said to take her picture and when I held the camera up she said, "I smile!" This is probably one of the best pictures of her that I've taken in the last month.

Tonight at Admiral's house we had CJ's white chicken chili. It's one of my favorite meals and she substitutes a can of chickpeas for one of the cans of beans which is brilliant! I wasn't sure if Bailey would eat it because it's a bit spicy with the green chilies. It took a few minutes of investigation but she finally decided it was edible and chowed down a bowl and a half. She even used the napkin to wipe her mouth, hands, and shirt where she spilled. I know it looks like she's eating with her fingers here (and for a few minutes she was) but she did mostly eat with the spoon which is a big improvement. She always wants to have utensils but she prefers finger foods like cheese cubes and grapes so she rarely uses them.

Anyway, that was last week, and this is the coming week.

Breakfast- yogurt and fruit
Lunch- ham and Swiss sandwiches and carrot sticks
Dinner- Laughing Cow spaghetti pie, salad, and garlic toast

Breakfast- pancakes and sausage links
Lunch- ham and cheddar sandwiches and carrot sticks
Dinner- brown sugar spiced baked chicken, baked beans, and macaroni and cheese

Breakfast- scrambled eggs and toast
Lunch- grilled cheese sandwiches and chips
Dinner- chicken and bacon melt sliders, macaroni and cheese, and garlic fries

Breakfast- almond joy oatmeal
Lunch- peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and chips
Dinner- crispy cheddar baked chicken, ranch mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, green beans, and crescent rolls

Breakfast- apple cinnamon muffins
Lunch- leftover chicken and macaroni and cheese
Dinner- baked ravioli, salad, and garlic toast

Breakfast- chicken biscuits
Lunch- leftover ravioli
Dinner- crock pot creamy Italian chicken and pasta, sauteed broccoli, and Hawaiian rolls

Breakfast- sausage, gravy, and biscuits
Lunch- leftover 2:00 AM chili from the freezer
Dinner- pumpkin chicken chili at Admiral's house

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