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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Menu for 10/20/14-10/26/14

After fighting a horrible migraine all day I am finally feeling well enough to get some things done. Since I got Bailey down I've been trying to clean up the house, mostly the kitchen which was a mess, and getting some stuff packed to visit with Nana tomorrow.

Last Monday when we visited Nana Bailey just couldn't get enough snuggling with Nana.
She sat with Nana and listened to story after story. This week was particularly special because it was fall break for Yaya's school so she spent a good portion of the day with us as well.

We love Nana's house because it's so far back off the road that we pretty much just let her run free in the yard as long as she stays in sight. There's no fear of her getting into the street or being run over which makes it very relaxing for me and honestly Bailey is so well-behaved that when I say to stay on the porch she doesn't fight me.

Yaya brought out another box of my clothes from when I was Bailey's age to supplement the clothes we have for Bailey. I put her in this little flannel nightgown Monday night and she wanted to wear it all day Tuesday. It's still a little big on her and comes down to her ankles but she seems to really like it. Here she was pretending the kitchen towel was a cape. She kept telling me to call her Super Bailey.

I don't take a whole lot of selfies (almost none without Bailey or the cats) but every now and then I get a good one of the two of us. Bailey was talking in this one but it's still cute. Look how blue her eyes are! I'm so jealous of those gorgeous blue eyes.

After her bath on Thursday (a spontaneous thing made necessary by the massive amount of grits she somehow managed to get in her hair) I talked her into letting me braid her hair. It didn't last long. We had errands to run that afternoon and her hair was already down before we made it to the car, but wow she has beautiful hair! Again, I'm so jealous!

This week ended my 100 happy days challenge and my last day was Friday. I couldn't have ended with a better picture! I asked her if she wanted to take a picture to send to Daddy and I snapped it as she answered. So cute it hurts!

Now I have a little food bragging to do. Saturday I made an especially yummy roast in the crock pot along with mashed potatoes and gravy, macaroni and cheese, and peas. It's one of my favorite meals and it feeds a crowd which is always a plus on Saturdays. We have kind of a Sunday dinner/family dinner setting on Saturday nights. We visit Aaron's parents and have our family of three, his parents, and his sister and up to three of her kids to feed. I always try to make extra of everything so that no one goes hungry.

I don't have a picture of this but I made the chicken parmesan meatballs again tonight for Admiral and CJ and Senator and his girlfriend. I think everyone enjoyed them, Admiral in particular who had three plates of meatballs with penne and CJ's homemade marinara. See, Admiral reads my blog fairly regularly and when he saw the pictures of the meatballs on the blog we decided to scrap the original plans (we were going to try that pumpkin chicken chili I posted on the wishlist this month). They turned out even better than they were on Thursday night. I'm telling you, that is a fantastic recipe!

This should be an easy food week and thank goodness because I'm going to have my hands full trying to get some of Bailey's birthday party stuff together. Here's the plan!

Breakfast- cereal and bananas
Lunch- grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup
Dinner- cheeseburgers, baked beans, and garlic fries

Breakfast- cinnamon apple and pecan oatmeal
Lunch- grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup
Dinner- Yaya's spaghetti, salad, and garlic toast

Breakfast- scrambled eggs and cheese grits
Lunch- leftover spaghetti
Dinner- chili dog casserole

Breakfast- yogurt and apples
Lunch- leftover chili dog casserole
Dinner- crock pot root beer barbecue chicken, macaroni and cheese, and seasoned potato wedges

Breakfast- pancakes and maple sausage links
Lunch- leftover barbecue chicken sliders
Dinner- cheesy taco soup and Hawaiian rolls

Breakfast- chicken biscuits
Lunch- leftover cheesy taco soup
Dinner- loaded potato and buffalo chicken casserole, salad, and Hawaiian rolls

Breakfast- French toast and bacon
Lunch- leftovers
Dinner- Admiral

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