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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Halloween Fun

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Okay so every holiday is one of my favorites. What can I say? I like to celebrate! But seriously it is one of my favorites because I have tons of creative ideas for decorations, food, crafts, costumes... you get the picture.

This here is a round-up of online finds to help exercise your Halloween creativity. I'm including a little of everything but particularly toddler crafts and food because I'm most likely to actually do them. Be inspired!

Nightmare Before Christmas Cookies from Annie's Eats
One of my absolute, all-time favorite movies! I have the soundtrack on my phone and Bailey and I regularly listen to it in the car while running errands. She thinks it's funny when I try to sing in all the voices of the characters. I guess we know why I'm not a voice actor, huh? Anyway, these cookies are absolutely delightful! They're a chocolate sugar cookie with royal icing decorations. I learned how to do royal icing on sugar cookies from Annie's tutorial so if you want to learn, this is the place to do it. These would be fun to hand out to friends for Halloween (or for trunk or treat or as party favors if the kids aren't strangers and their parents wouldn't mind homemade treats) or to serve at your Halloween party. You could just make them to eat with the family while watching the movie which I think would be a super fun way to spend Halloween Eve.

Black Halloween Punch from Hip Hip Halloween
Okay, so it really looks more brown than black here but it's still a cute idea. See that fog around the punch bowl from the dry ice? I love that effect! One of our neighbors growing up used to have a coffin in their yard every year with dry ice fog rolling out of it. That was my favorite house for trick-or-treating, even though the scarecrow in the rocking chair on the front porch always freaked me out. The punch is a combination of Kool-Aid and ginger ale, grape and orange combining to make this odd brownish color. I think maybe if you could find the blackberry Kool-Aid it might work better but that might have been a limited time flavor. Either way this is a very interesting punch for any Halloween party.

Crash-Landing Witch Cake from Betty Crocker
This is a wildly creative and adorable use of candy to turn a normal boxed cake mix into something spectacular. The directions call for a yellow cake mix but you could use any kind of cake really. I think the orange frosting would play best with a dark chocolate cake like devil's food, especially if you did 3-4 layers with the orange frosting between the layers. Talk about a pretty slice.

Tinkerbell Carved Pumpkin from Decorating Your Small Space
This post has instructions and tutorials for 11 different pumpkins to decorate but this one really caught my eye. Go figure, I can't pass up Tinkerbell. This is done with an artificial pumpkin and lit with a light bulb. For the pixie dust trail you just drill small holes in the pumpkin in varying sizes and paint the whole thing black so that the light shows through a little brighter. This would be adorable sitting on the front step Halloween night!

45 Adorable Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas from Costume Works
Ugh, why do I love costumes for siblings so much? Not all of the costume ideas here are for siblings but I fall for them every time! This Rainbow Brite and Twink combo is just one of many. (Others include Slimer and the Ghostbusters sign, Bo Peep and her sheep, a little cookie and a big glass of milk, and Chewbacca and Leia.) One of my brother's first Halloweens I was a ladybug and he was a can of bug spray. Of course you can only talk your kids into this when they're very small so take advantage of these pairs costumes while the kids are too young to refuse to wear them.

Boo'tiful Glow-in-the-Dark Footprint Ghosts from Fun Handprint Art Blog
I love handprint art for toddlers. There's a little booth at Dollywood where they make handimals. They turn your child's handprint into an animal by adding little details and googly eyes. They're so cute! These ghosts are adorable as well (and much less expensive) and they're easy to make. Fair warning though, nothing will make you feel like time is passing by far too quickly like comparing old handprint art to your child's current hand size. I know our handimal from last June is significantly smaller than Bailey's hands now and it's breaking my heart how fast she's growing.

Speaking of handprint art... This is another simple craft for a toddler. If your kids are anything like Bailey they just love playing with glue. Bailey is fascinated by glue. She'll have a blast gluing Q-Tips to her skeleton.

This craft is a bit more for older kids, elementary school age I guess. You could modify it for younger kids by turning it into a glue craft. You could get some googly eyes and cut out some shapes for the mouth and cheeks and eyebrows and let them glue them wherever they want. Since I can't help but save toilet paper rolls (Why? Why do I do that?) this would be a good use for some of those.

This post has 9 different crafts and while I think the little pom pom and pipe cleaner spiders are cute, these spider web plates are a great hand eye coordination exercise for little ones. Plus they're a cheap and adorable craft. All you need is some black paper plates, some yarn, and a hole punch. If you wanted you could go ahead and make those little pom pom/pipe cleaner spiders to hang in the web.

Another Crafty Morning craft. I didn't realize when I was pinning them but I have a fairly large collection of Crafty Morning crafts in my "Kid's Crafts" board. I just love this craft. Negative space art always catches my eye and these are easy and fun. My fridge is going to be covered in ghosts and pumpkins and spiders by Halloween!

Well, that's all for now. I hope this post inspires some baking and arts and crafts time in your home. Happy (early) Halloween!

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