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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

SNAP Challenge: Day 2

Today was a little better than yesterday. I wasn't as hungry between lunch and dinner but I think Bailey might have been. We had some cereal for breakfast, about twice as much as yesterday because Bailey kept asking for more.

For lunch Bailey had a bowl of rice, some cheese cubes, and we broke out the Doritos. I had a peanut butter sandwich.
Then there was that long stretch between lunch and dinner where I had to have a bowl of rice with some shredded cheese. Dinner was chili but not my chili because I had to use a packet of seasoning mix. It was still really tasty though.

Now that I'm sure we have enough rice to get us through the week I've decided to go ahead and cook as much rice as I want for snacks. I made a batch of oven rice today that will probably last me at least two days.

By the way, I've discovered that warm brown rice with a little shredded cheese mixed in is quite satisfying.

Bailey still has plenty of raspberries left and all of her yogurt and at least half of the box of cereal. We haven't torn into the eggs yet so we still have that for breakfast. I'm hoping we can save them for the weekend but if they don't make it I'll figure something out. It's looking like I'll have some leftovers for lunches on Thursday and Friday and maybe even for Saturday but I have no idea what we're going to do for lunch on Sunday.

This is the prompt for Day 2:
What have you cut out of your routine to stay on budget?

I didn't really cut much. We have switched to mostly water where Aaron usually drinks tea and coffee and I sometimes drink Kool-Aid. Bailey is still getting her juice.

I cut down the amount of meat in our meals and supplemented with extra beans, starches, and sauces. The chili I made tonight had an extra can of beans in it and the spaghetti on the menu for Saturday will have an extra jar of spaghetti sauce.

I'm using rice, cheese, and peanut butter as fillers for snacks. I did have to cut out the customary 2.5 pounds of grapes Bailey usually goes through in a week, the extra vegetable side dishes (even though I'm usually the only one who eats them anyway), and any kind of desserts or sweet snacks.

At the last minute I decided to grab a couple of boxes of instant pudding because I thought I would have some extra milk. That will have to do to satisfy any sweet cravings but I may actually have to go grab another half gallon of milk.

I guess one of the hardest things is not having a bag of chips or something like that to snack on. I like having foods readily available in the cabinet that I can just reach for and have a handful. We typically keep pretzels, goldfish, popcorn, trail mix, granola bars and cereal bars, a variety of cereals, and vegetables and fruit for quick snacks. I'm finding myself opening the fridge often in search of something to snack on. I almost broke down and ate a few handfuls of frozen peas. Believe it or not they make a great alternative to chips or nuts when eaten still frozen. They're crunchy and a little sweet.

Today we consumed:
1 1/2 cup cereal
1 cup milk
3/4 cups rice
1 oz cheese cubes
2 cups shredded cheese
2 slices bread
2 Tbsp peanut butter
1 oz Doritos
1 lb ground beef
3 cans pinto beans
1 can tomato sauce
1 packet chili seasoning

There's plenty of chili leftover for our chili dogs on Thursday night and even enough for lunch tomorrow. I'm thinking that chili and rice will make a nice meal and Bailey seems to be enjoying her cheese cubes, berries, and Doritos.

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