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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Why I'm Thankful for the Emergency Animal Hospital

See I've got this cat, Rhada, and she's no kitten. She's probably over 10 years old but we're not really sure because she was an adult when we acquired her. She has liver disease for which she was treated in January of 2013 (when I was really sure I'd lost her) and she's been pretty much okay ever since. Except this week she's been acting sick. She was sleeping more than usual and acting more irritable than normal.
She was still eating so I was hoping she just had some bug and would feel better soon but yesterday it became clear she would need a trip to the vet.

Of course I have a regular vet but by the time I was sure I needed to call them they were closed for the day. I had to call the emergency animal hospital and they said it sounded like Rhada would need to come in.

So I called Aaron and we decided we should take her as soon as he got home from work. Then I called Admiral and asked if he wouldn't mind watching Bailey for a few hours. I packed Rhada in the carrier and when Aaron got home we all loaded in the car and headed out.

I'd say it was probably around 6:30-7:00 when we arrived at the vet. They looked her over and I braced myself for the worst news but they said she had something totally treatable. They took her back and sedated her, took care of the problem, and sent her home with us.

Poor thing has to wear one of those cone things on her head for a week and take some pain medicine but otherwise she'll be just fine. I'm sure she hates the cone, how could she not, but it doesn't seem to be her main concern right now. The other cats though? They're terrified of it! Last night Rhada took just one step toward Narcissa and Narcissa took off fast as lightning down the hallway and into Bailey's room. It's really quite amusing.

Rhada spent the night in my lap and this morning she's almost back to her normal self. She is nuzzling and purring and begging for attention (she's a jealous kitty and thinks all of our love should be for her alone) and eating. She was even calm when I gave her the pain medicine this morning.

Thank you, emergency animal hospital, for taking care of my fur-baby.

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