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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Menu for 8/11/14-8/17/14

What a fun week!

My cousin's new baby was born Monday. After a tough pregnancy with Li'l P and several weeks in the NICU when he was born 12 weeks early, this pregnancy and birth went quite smoothly. I haven't gotten to meet him yet but I have seen some pictures and he's just beautiful. So congratulations to J and her family!

NBC has a new show that I'm really enjoying called Food Fighters. It's hosted by Adam Richman from Man vs. Food and pits home cooks (ordinary people like you and me) against professional chefs. The home cooks come prepared with a menu of 5 dishes and go up against 5 different professional chefs. Each round wins them more money and if they win the final round they can double their previous total for up to $100,000. It's a lot of fun to watch and hear their special recipe secrets and for me the best part is watching some of the professional chefs fail. It's not that I want them to fail but it's so funny to see them out of their comfort zone. I watched one of the professionals attempt to make a chicken pot pie with sheets of lasagna noodle for the crust. It airs on NBC at 8:00 pm eastern and is also available to watch on Hulu. You should definitely check it out if you get a chance.

We have four cats and I try not to play favorites but our only boy has claimed me as his favorite. He sleeps with me every night. He was particularly cuddly one night, allowing me to rub his tummy which he rarely does.

We had to go find Bailey some new sneakers since hers were about to fall apart and when I passed this little outfit I couldn't help but buy it. It's a 3 piece set, the shoes were included (and she put them on herself which is why they're on the wrong feet) and the shorts and shoes both have lemons and watermelons on them. It was on clearance, how could I not get it? Also, I love this picture because she's having a serious conversation with our cat Rhada. This is a daily thing lately, hanging out in her bedroom with Daddy and talking to the cats.

Dinner with Yaya and Nana was moved to Thursday this week because of some scheduling conflicts. We arrived early and Bailey picked some flowers for Nana. She loves Nana so much. She even gave hugs and sugars before getting in the car, something she usually refuses to do because she knows it means we have to leave.

Dinner Thursday night was a collaborative effort. Nana cooked the bacon, sausage, and biscuits and I made gravy and scrambled eggs and cut the cantaloupe. I love having breakfast for dinner (or brinner) but Aaron usually isn't up for it so it was nice to have someone to share brinner with for a change. Also, how cute are Nana's dishes? I love these plates. She's had them for years but we don't use them often. It was kind of a special treat.

I know I've shared a lot of these pictures lately and I'm sorry if I'm overloading you with pictures of Bailey's hair but how adorable does this look? She sat very still while I braided her wet hair and made it nice and smooth. She even left it up most of the evening! It dried enough before we took it down that she had some gorgeous soft waves left in it. I just love this look on her and it keeps her hair from getting in her face while she plays.

And when I finished her hair she let me take this wonderful shot of her before running off to play. It's my new favorite picture of her. Her beautiful smile... it just makes me melt.

And finally at bedtime tonight we had to get a selfie before story time.

Well, that was last week. This is what I'm looking forward to the coming week.

Breakfast- cereal and fruit
Lunch- ham and colby jack bagels and chips
Dinner- Yaya will provide dinner

Breakfast- raisin and brown sugar oatmeal
Lunch- pineapple chicken quesadillas (from my Wishlist)
Dinner- chicken Alfredo roll-ups, salad, and garlic toast

Breakfast- scrambled eggs and toast
Lunch- leftover chicken Alfredo roll-ups
Dinner- taco stuffed shells and salad

Breakfast- yogurt and fruit
Lunch- leftover taco stuffed shells
Dinner- poppy seed chicken casserole, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, steamed broccoli, and rolls

Breakfast- ham, egg, and cheese bagels
Lunch- leftover chicken casserole
Dinner- pizza and salad

Breakfast- chicken biscuits
Lunch- leftover pizza
Dinner- cheeseburgers, french fries, baked beans, and macaroni and cheese

Breakfast- bacon, eggs, and biscuits
Lunch- leftovers
Dinner- Admiral and I are making pork tenderloin, soup, and vegetables

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