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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Menu for 7/21/14-7/27/14

I would like to begin with an apology. I am so sorry that there was no new recipe last week. I had planned on posting the crock pot beef and broccoli recipe but it did not turn out at all like I had hoped. The recipe needs some tweaking before sharing. This week should include an update to one of my earliest posted recipes and three new recipes.

I actually had a couple of recipe fails last week. I made spaghetti pie to take to Yaya's for dinner on Monday but I tried a new store bought spaghetti sauce and I didn't care for it at all. Then the beef and broccoli was just bad in almost every way. If Aaron hadn't liked it so much I wouldn't even bother tweaking it.

The week wasn't all bad though.

I spent Monday afternoon in the kitchen working on a huge batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for my brother.

Nana and I made chicken cordon bleu casserole for dinner on Tuesday night and we had this amazing watermelon for dessert. Bailey and I both love watermelon. I could probably eat half of one all by myself and so could she.

You can't see it in the picture because she wouldn't turn to the side for me, but I finally got Bailey to let me braid her hair. She really hates anything holding her hair back so this was very special.

Nana wanted to get a picture of the braid before Bailey yanked the rubber band out. I just love how they're both grinning at each other here.

I have an expert procrastinator. She tries so hard to put off bed time. I hated to put her to bed when she was being this cute but I also needed a break after a long day without a nap.

I let Bailey pick out her clothes Friday and I think she did a darn good job. Those boots look cute with almost anything though.

Saturday morning we had some snuggle time when she first woke up reading her favorite book in the recliner.

This is what happens when you refuse to sleep during nap time. You fall asleep on the car ride home with your pen still in your hand.

She really was exhausted. She even cuddled a bit with Aaron before we put her to bed. I thought he was going to have to sleep there with her because she wouldn't let him go.

And finally, Bailey kept asking Senator to give her a hug at Admiral's house tonight. She was so cute saying, "Oh, Senator! Gimme hug!"

Well, if I haven't overloaded you with adorable check out this week's menu.

Breakfast- yogurt and grapes
Lunch- almonds, strawberries, and cheese
Dinner- Yaya will provide dinner

Breakfast- oatmeal with cranberry and brown sugar
Dinner- crock pot creamy Italian chicken and pasta, salad, and Hawaiian rolls

Breakfast- yogurt and cheerios
Lunch- leftover chicken and pasta
Dinner- Fazoli's-style baked ziti

Breakfast- raisin scones
Lunch- leftover baked ziti
Dinner- Yaya's chicken tortellini soup and Hawaiian rolls

Breakfast- almond joy oatmeal
Lunch- leftover soup
Dinner- garlic and lemon roasted chicken with green beans and red potatoes and Hawaiian rolls

Breakfast- Dollywood
Lunch- Dollywood
Dinner- spaghetti pie with laughing cow cheese, salad, and garlic toast

Breakfast- waffles and bacon
Lunch- leftovers
Dinner- Admiral will provide dinner

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