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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Menu for 6/16/14-6/22/14

Happy Father's Day to all the awesome daddies out there!

Admiral and his girlfriend CJ. (Photo borrowed from Facebook)

I have a pretty special dad myself.

Bailey and Admiral at Christmas 2013. (Photo borrowed from Facebook)
Bailey calls him Admiral.

Admiral at Bailey's 1st birthday party 2012.

Most of the time Admiral is goofy.

Admiral at Bailey's 2nd birthday party 2013.

And I have plenty of proof of this goofiness. The truth is he is a lot of fun to be around. He's not afraid to be silly, even in public. He's incredibly smart. When he talks about his work or math he usually loses me within the first couple of sentences.

(Borrowed from Facebook)

Admiral has a lot of interests, but biking is near the top of his list.

(Borrowed from Facebook)

He likes mountain biking and road biking.

Admiral in his Iowa jersey. (Borrowed from Facebook)

What I know about biking would look like a speck in the palm of my hand but I know he likes to climb or ride uphill... or at least that he's good at it.

I love my dad and I'm proud of him. I hope I haven't said anything to embarrass him.

Switching to another great dad, I'm pretty sure Bailey has one of the best fathers around. Aaron is so playful with Bailey. They love each other so much. I'm so glad my daughter has such a wonderful daddy.

Aaron's first Father's Day Bailey was just out of the hospital after her surgery. We didn't really get to celebrate Father's Day. We were just happy to have her home and healthy and healing... and eating finally.

Last year Aaron got a "Handimal" that Bailey made for him at Dollywood. It wasn't a lame gift really because how could your 1 1/2 year old's handprint be lame? But I felt like he deserved more. Had I had any money of my own at the time I would have treated him to dinner or something. (I just hate buying him gifts with his own money.)

This year I managed to work two weekends in a row and I have a little money saved up from the last couple of times I worked so I made sure to get him something nice. We recently got a WiiU and since he loves Donkey Kong games I got him Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for WiiU. He's already been playing it and he's having a blast.

I also thought that since he has almost no printed pictures of himself with Bailey that we needed to print some. I found a deal on Groupon for a book from Shutterfly. I filled it with photos of him holding Bailey and playing with her and plenty of excellent photos of Bailey by herself.

Her smile is so infectious that it's hard not to grin when I see those pictures. The book turned out awesome. Shutterfly did a great job.

I got lucky at the grocery store and found a beef roast on sale and made roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, macaroni and cheese, and peas for Aaron and his parents on Saturday night. Aaron ate until his stomach hurt so it must have been pretty tasty.

So Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there, but especially these two fantastic guys. My life wouldn't be the same without them.

Here's what we'll be enjoying this week.

Breakfast- oatmeal with honey and cherries
Lunch- grilled cheese and chips
Dinner- Yaya

Breakfast- cheese eggs and toast
Lunch- grilled cheese and salad
Dinner- beef stew and peasant bread

Breakfast- yogurt and cereal
Lunch- leftover beef stew
Dinner- cheeseburgers and french fries

Breakfast- waffles and fruit
Lunch- leftover beef stew
Dinner- crock pot Italian sausage and cheese tortellini, salad, and garlic toast

Breakfast- double chocolate muffins
Lunch- leftover tortellini and salad
Dinner- loaded potato and buffalo chicken casserole, salad, and Hawaiian rolls

Breakfast- chicken biscuits
Lunch- leftover casserole and salad
Dinner- crock pot chicken taco chili with Fritos and cheese

Breakfast- ham, egg, and cheese burritos
Lunch- leftovers
Dinner- Admiral

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