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Monday, June 10, 2013

Menu for 6/10/13-6/16/13

Since Dad had plans tonight, my brother came over to our house for dinner.  We made one of his favorite dinners, beef stroganoff.  I'm not really a fan, but I let him choose the meal.  It's one of those things he wants to learn how to cook for himself, so I don't mind making teaching him.

My brother is the guy who got us into My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic so he was thrilled to death last weekend to see Bailey in this getup.  He took this picture and shared it with all of his other pony-fan friends. (The Bronies.)

Aaron mowed the yard Friday evening, meaning we had a late dinner.  That meant an early bath for Bailey and extra time spent in comfy pajamas.  It took 8 pictures to get her to smile at me and not look away right before the flash.

We had some really awesome apple fritters for breakfast (an experiment that wasn't on the menu but the apples were on sale when I got to the store this week) and some sausage.  I finished off last week's leftovers for lunch so the fridge is all cleaned out and ready for another week of cooking.

Some cool things are happening this week too.  A year ago Tuesday Bailey had surgery on her head that probably saved her life.

They put in a shunt to drain fluid from her brain and relieve pressure.  I've known since I was 21 weeks pregnant that she had excess fluid so I was especially relieved when they finally took care of it.  There is a plastic tube running from her brain down to her abdominal cavity that drains the fluid from her head.  In normal people the fluid goes down into the spinal cord and dissipates naturally, but in Bailey the tubes that would have drained the fluid out of her head are blocked by what we think might be scar tissue.

Sorry if that was a lot of information.  I'm just thankful that she is okay.  She seems to be developing normally (in other words no developmental delays that we have noticed so far) and she is smart as a whip so hopefully all we will ever have to worry about is if the shunt breaks or gets blocked and stops working.

Also, Mom's birthday is this week and I am going to make her a special dinner and a surprise German chocolate cake.  Since Mom is a teacher she has the summer off starting this week.  She is excited about hiking this summer and gardening.  We will be spending a lot more time with Yaya since she has free time.  I might even get some time to myself if she wants to take Bailey off my hands for awhile.

At some point this week I will be making oatmeal raisin cookies since Aaron has been begging for them for months.  I made an attempt at these once before, following a family recipe, but the instructions may have been wrong because they turned out gummy.  It was pretty disgusting actually.  I'm going to use the same ingredients, but this time I'm going to follow my oatmeal chocolate chip cookie instructions.  Hopefully it was just the instructions that led me astray last time.

One of the most exciting things that is hopefully happening this week is that we are going to Dollywood with Aaron's sister-in-law on Saturday.  She called last week to invite us for yesterday but we couldn't go because I had to work.  She is all about helping kids get out of the house to enjoy all the special places they can visit.  In the past she has taken Bailey's cousins camping, to the zoo, to Disney, and the beach.  She also took us to the aquarium a couple of months ago which Bailey thoroughly enjoyed.  I can't wait for Bailey to be old enough to enjoy camping and fishing with her.

Here is what we plan to eat!

Breakfast- yogurt and cereal
Lunch- turkey and provolone sandwiches with thousand island dressing
Dinner- Italian chicken in the crock pot with roasted potatoes and carrots, macaroni and cheese, and fresh green beans

Breakfast- yogurt and cereal
Lunch- Nana's macaroni and cheese
Dinner- honey garlic pork chops, rice, steamed broccoli, and German chocolate cake for Yaya's birthday

Breakfast- French toast muffins
Lunch- tuna salad and crackers
Dinner- chicken sandwiches (with leftover chicken from Monday) and french fries

Breakfast- apple cinnamon oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar
Lunch- tuna salad and crackers

Breakfast- yogurt and cereal
Lunch- leftover loaded potato and chicken casserole
Dinner- spaghetti and garlic toast

Breakfast- sausage and pancakes
Lunch- leftover spaghetti
Dinner- lasagna soup and garlic bread

Breakfast- sausage, biscuits and gravy, and eggs with cheese
Lunch- grilled cheese sandwiches
Dinner- Admiral will provide dinner

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