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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How I spend my Tuesdays

We start with breakfast.  As soon as Bailey wakes up she gets some milk and some breakfast.  Usually I feed her yogurt with multi-grain Cheerios in it.  She likes to drop the Cheerios in herself.  Yogurt requires little effort on my part.  I don't have to cook it or even cut it up like some of her foods.  I rarely feed Bailey breakfast in the high chair except on weekends.  We generally share a bowl of cereal or oatmeal, or I break pieces off of my muffin for her.  On particularly lazy days I pour Cheerios and raisins or cranberries on her high chair tray and let her feed herself while she runs around the house.  I buy baby or toddler yogurt for her which is made with whole milk.

Then we snuggle for a little bit and watch some Netflix.  Sometimes we go with Ruby Gloom or My Little Pony, or sometimes we go with something a bit more educational like Martha Speaks or Wordgirl.

When it's clear that Bailey no longer wants to snuggle I start getting us dressed and packed to go to Nana's house.

I pack the diaper bag including snacks.  Nana keeps some foods for Bailey, but I do a lot of prep work at home with her foods.  I wash and slice fruits, cut blocks of cheese into cubes, divide things like graham crackers, chips, cookies, or pretzels into small, single serving sized bags, etc.

Bailey gets completely dressed, shoes and all, and then I pack up the car so we can head to Nana's.

Bailey loves to play outside.

Some days my cousin J comes over with her son Li'l P (he just turned 1 last month) and they get to play together.  (You should know that when I say together I mean Bailey either shoves toys in his face or steals them right out of his hands.  Luckily he doesn't seem to mind yet.)  Nana's driveway is 500 feet and one of Bailey's favorite things to do is walk out to the street and back.  It took a long time to convince her that we shouldn't actually walk into the street.  The first few times we made the trek I had to carry her back to the house, screaming.  It took a couple of full-out fits before she finally learned to turn around and go back herself.

When she looks like she's almost worn herself out we go inside for some lunch.  We push her high chair right up to the table so she feels like she's eating with us.  I usually make grilled cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Nana and myself (and anyone else who happens to come visit) and Bailey gets cheese and fruit and sometimes yogurt or hot dogs.  Grandpa loves to give her things that I don't usually let her have at home and she loves potato chips and Doritos.  She gets ice cream or sherbet for dessert.

Today was a special day because Nana made lunch for everyone.  She made meatloaf and mashed potatoes and peas.  It was really good, and I'm not a big fan of meatloaf.

Nap time is easy at Nana's because she has a crib and a baby monitor.  Bailey goes right to bed just like at home.  Her naps are rather long so sometimes I run to the store for Nana while she sleeps.  We talk and watch television quietly.  Sometimes I knit.  Occasionally I'll pass out on the couch for a half hour or so.  I love when I get to nap during nap time.  Bailey wakes up just as happy as can be and ready to go back outside for more fun in the sun.

J doesn't stay as long as we do.  She comes for a few hours between Li'l P's naps because he doesn't like to sleep anywhere but home.  Afternoons are all Bailey's.  She plays with her tea cups on the living room floor, pretends to sweep the front porch with her tiny broom, and lets Nana push her on the swing.  At 6:30 we pack our car back up and drive the maybe 1.5 miles to Yaya's house.

Nana and Yaya live practically around the corner from each other.  We take turns cooking on Tuesday nights.  Yaya likes to make up recipes which can be very interesting in a good way.  Bailey will eat what she likes out of our meal and the rest of her dinner is frozen mixed vegetables and shredded rotisserie chicken.  She either eats in the high chair or we set her plate on top of the piano bench and let her eat at her own pace.

Last night we had taco spaghetti, one of my favorite meals.  I probably ate half the pan by myself.  Bailey ate some taco spaghetti and some chips and salsa and she got to dip all by herself.  She thought it was super fun.

After dinner we play outside until it gets too dark or too difficult to keep Bailey out of the driveway.  My brother will hit whiffle balls into the back yard so Bailey can chase them.  Yaya is teaching Bailey to like the grass. (Yaya is hoping that Bailey will be the tom boy she had hoped I would be.  I'm prissy.  She could only convince me to play 2 seasons of softball but I took dance lessons for 12 years.)

When it gets dark we go inside and play "dishes" on the floor.

Bailey tries to play the piano, dances to music on the television, and pretends to drink tea out of cups that I played with when I was very small.  She plays a game with my brother where he won't let her climb into a chair.  Every chair she tries to climb on he beats her to it and sits in her way.  She thinks it's hilarious.  Last week we got her to "chase her tail" by putting a toy bat down the back of her shirt just in sight and just out of reach.  We laughed and laughed.  She wasn't so amused.

We know it's time to go home when Bailey gets clumsy.  When she's tired she trips over everything.  For some reason she also likes to throw pillows on the floor which means there's plenty of obstacles on the floor.  Yaya puts Bailey in the car seat while I pack the car.  Bailey has a book in the car that she likes to "read" and she has learned one word in it, "God" and she says it over and over all the way home.

Daddy meets us in the carport when we get home and carries Bailey in for bed time.  We brush our teeth together (Bailey is getting much better at brushing her own teeth and even letting us finish them for her without throwing a fit) and then we have story time on the floor.  Daddy says goodnight and we say our prayers.  I put her in the crib and go lie down in bed.  Tuesday is one of the only nights I don't hear a peep after I say goodnight.  She wears herself out enjoying family.  I love Tuesdays.

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