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Sunday, September 8, 2013

We got hit hard this week...

It has been a rather eventful week yet again.

Nana injured herself (pretty severely) and spent the entire week in the hospital.  She was moved to a rehab center Friday and we're not sure how long she will be staying there yet.  She fell and broke her arm, the other one, at least as badly as she broke the first one in May, and fractured her pelvic bone in three places.  She's completely incapable of caring for herself as they have to keep her pelvis immobilized and she no longer has a hand to do even simple things like holding a piece of paper in front of her face, let alone feeding herself or anything else.

I haven't been allowed to visit her.  Mom has been keeping me updated on her status as much as possible.  She had surgery on the arm to place a plate, but there is no surgery they can do for the pelvic bone.  Mom says that the pain medicine is making her say funny things such as insisting that there was a man on the roof trying to nail in shingles with peanuts instead of nails (or possibly instead of a hammer, it's a little unclear) and telling my uncle to go up and help the man on the roof.

My brother spread some lovely cold to all of us.  The doctor said he had a combination of viral and bacterial infection causing lots of sinus congestion and drainage (lovely I know).  He has the worst of it though.  Apparently he only gave us the viral end of it because none of us have had the fever, chills, or night sweats that accompanied his.  Don't worry, he's taking medicine to clear it up and we are waiting out the virus.

My symptoms have stayed contained to my head (stuffiness, sore throat, pressure in my ears) but Bailey's moved to her chest causing a horrible cough that is keeping her up at night.  Aaron has the whole shebang ranging from stuffy sinuses to chest congestion and cough.

I'm not sure what kept mine from spreading to my chest.  I'm a sucker for home remedies and I've seen a lot on Pinterest about cinnamon and honey supposedly being helpful for ailments such as these.  I either combine them in a spoon and swallow the whole thing or I mix them into some hot water or herbal tea.  They're particularly good when stirred into apple cinnamon tea.

The other thing I swear by when my sinuses are stopped up or dry is a neti pot.  It uses gravity to flush your sinuses with warm saline.  It sounds horrible and disgusting but trust me it works wonders.  It keeps your sinuses irrigated and completely knocked out my sore throat (which I think was caused more from the dryness or my sinuses than from the actual drainage).

Anyway, watch out for whatever this thing is that's going around.  I've heard we're not the only ones who have had it and it is no fun.  Wash your hands and be careful not to come in contact with anyone who sounds or acts sick.

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