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Monday, April 22, 2013

Menu for 4/22/13-4/28/13

This has been a very relaxing week.  Minus the frantic cleaning on Monday and Tuesday to get the house ready for my Mom to come over for dinner, we have had a week with lots of playing outside, staying in pajamas all morning, and chilling in front of the television.  Friday afternoon Aaron came home from work early and took Bailey out to his parents' house and let me have a few hours off.  I took a shower without listening for a scream, went to the grocery store without having to pry merchandise away from tiny, sticky hands, and then ate lunch while watching television at a volume I can actually hear and without having to hold the food out of reach of a little one.  It was a very nice bit of Mommy-time.

Admiral made fish last night (one of my favorites!) and Bailey sat at the table with us instead of in a high chair.  She did move around quite a bit, turning around in her chair and trying to stand up sometimes, but for the most part she sat and ate, off of a big girl plate, with a big girl fork, at the big girl table.  My dad was surprised by how well she behaved at the table.  She actually didn't turn her plate over either and that is one of her favorite things to do at dinner.  She ate almost 2 whole pieces of fish!  I think she takes after Mommy.

So this week is going to be strange.  Our schedule is getting swapped around some because Nana has a doctor's appointment on Tuesday.  We are going to take her a birthday cake (about a week late) on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.  There is no new recipe this week, but on Thursday I will be attempting to replicate one of my favorite meals that my mom created.  I'm a little nervous because there is no recipe to follow and I have to leave out the veggies that I liked so much in it because Aaron won't eat them.

Friday night I will be going to Cherokee, NC with Aaron's sister-in-law to see Celtic Women.  I'm excited!  We will be spending the night because the show will be ending around midnight (and who wants to drive 2 hours home after the show?) so Aaron will have Bailey all by himself overnight for the first time.  He did great when I went to Atlanta with my brother and I got home around 3:30 in the morning so I'm not worried.  I know he'll do great!  Then when I get home on Saturday we have to pack up to go to my cousin J's house for 'lil P's birthday party.  He's 1 year old as of yesterday!  I hope Bailey is good at the party because it is right around nap time for her and she will probably be super tired.

So I can't wait to get this week started, but first here is the menu.  I am super excited to share some of these recipes with you!

Breakfast- oatmeal with cranberries and brown sugar
Lunch- grilled cheese sandwiches and frozen mixed vegetables
Dinner- chicken cordon bleu casserole

Breakfast- yogurt with cereal and banana
Lunch- chicken salad sandwiches and apples and grapes
Dinner- Yaya will provide dinner

Breakfast- ham and cheese eggs and orange slices
Lunch- Nana will provide lunch (but I will provide dessert, banana poke cake
Dinner- tacos and tostadas with refried beans

Breakfast- chocolate chip muffins
Lunch- leftover tacos
Dinner- stuffed manicotti

Breakfast- yogurt with cereal and banana
Lunch- hamburgers from Sonic
Dinner- undecided, I will be out of town for the night so Aaron will be responsible for feeding Bailey and himself

Breakfast- sausage, biscuits and gravy, and eggs
Lunch- we will be attending a birthday party at J's house for Lil' P
Dinner- chicken quesadillas

Breakfast- bacon, eggs, and biscuits
Lunch- leftovers
Dinner- Admiral will provide dinner

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