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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Menu for 10/5/15-10/11/15

Last week was seriously stressful. Between a cake order for Monday and a cupcake order for Friday I hardly had time for anything but baking and then I had to work Saturday morning. I was painfully tired by Saturday night so we skipped the soup and ordered food from Texas Roadhouse (the only time I ever get steak) and Bailey got to try her first bite of steak. I say bite but really she ate half of my 8 oz sirloin. I was glad to share with her. It's always good to find more foods she likes.

Anyway, back to the baking for a second. After my brother's wedding I was asked by several people if I would do some baking for them. My Aunt Mart wanted a pumpkin spice cake to share with her friends at Hardee's. I really didn't mind making it for her. She rarely needs anything complicated and she always buys us breakfast for the trouble.

My more stressful job was the cupcakes. Four dozen in four different flavors with two different frostings and four colors of frosting. They were for a birthday party for some adorable little twin girls.

One half were puppy themed and needed hot pink and turquoise frosting.

The other half were Descendants themed and needed red, royal blue, or purple frosting. I'm not gonna lie, that was 7 hours worth of work but they turned out really beautiful. I just hope the girls enjoyed them.

I did manage to spend my time at work on Saturday making out my menu for this week. Here ya go guys!

Breakfast- yogurt and fruit
Lunch- chicken, veggies, and pasta
Dinner- four bean turkey chili

Breakfast- scrambled eggs and toast
Lunch- leftover chili
Dinner- crescent chicken, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and green beans

Breakfast- sausage, eggs, and toast
Lunch- leftover crescent chicken and vegetables
Dinner- chicken bacon ranch mac and cheese and honey yeast knots

Breakfast- sausage, eggs, and toast
Lunch- leftover mac and cheese
Dinner- Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana and breadsticks

Breakfast- sausage, eggs, and toast
Lunch- leftover soup and breadsticks
Dinner- chicken and black bean quesadillas

Breakfast- chicken biscuits and hash browns
Lunch- leftovers
Dinner- Laughing Cow spaghetti pie, salad, and garlic knots

Breakfast- chicken biscuits and hash browns
Lunch- leftovers
Dinner- Admiral will provide dinner

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